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About Society

Scientific Society of Advanced Research and Social Change has been formed with the fellow members from different streams of academia and researchers. The broad vision of SSARSC is to work jointly with students, academicians, researchers, scientists, industrialists and social activists to spread the flame of knowledge beyond all boundaries. Another vision of SSARSC is to publish the best of the research papers in the form of journal so that it is made available to the students and researchers in open access mode of publication. This will help sharing knowledge and popularizing research activity in the area of science, technology and management.

SSARSC, in collaboration with academic institutions of national and international repute, will organize national and international conferences so that academia in large get exposed to research and development activities being carried out across the world.

Education plays a key role in shaping a healthy and knowledgeable society. SSARSC is bound to play a major role in helping the students at the grass root level to successfully complete their journey of knowledge acquisition and education.

SSARSC also appreciates the contribution of scientists and teachers with the following awards:

• International Life Time Achievement Award - For Research
• International Life Time Achievement Award - For Education
• International Best Researcher Award
• International Best Teacher Award

Presently with the active participation of national and international academicians the following International journals of high repute are coming up.

1. SSARSC International Journal of Information and Communication Technology
2. SSARC International Journal of Geographical Science Geo-informatics
3. SSARSC International Journal of Management
4. SSARSC International Journal of Biotechnology and Biological Science
5. SSARSC International Journal of Library, Information, Networks and Knowledge
6. SSARSC Journal of Chemical and Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

The more subject areas will get added with more association of academicians from diversified fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Social Science. SSARSC invites researchers to join this large forum of academicians and get fellow membership of the society.




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