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Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Environmental Science

SSARSC International Journal of Biotechnology and Biological Science is a peer reviewed online journal. The journal covers full paper and reviews from all areas related to Biotechnology and Bio Sciences. It covers from molecular biology and the chemistry of biological process to aquatic and earth environmental aspects, as well as computational applications, policy and ethical issues directly related to Biotechnology. 

The detail areas which the journal covers are : Molecular biology, genetic engineering, microbial biotechnology, plant Biotechnology, animal biotechnology, marine biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, Biological processes, industrial applications, bioinformatics, Bio Sciences of the living cell, Bioenergetics, Bioenergetics, Inorganic bio sciences, Innovation in biotechnology and bio-ethics, Biotechnology in the developed and developing world, Management and economics of bio-technology, Political and social issues and others are some of the main subjects considered.

Authors are requested to submit the abstract of the paper on the mail id: ijbbs@ssarsc.org, ssarscinfo@gmail.com  mentioning their name, institution of affiliation, country, email id, contact number (including country code). Authors will be intimated later on to send their full length paper.





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